This is to give you a insight into how I receive the information
I am clairvoyant which means I see images. I also see symbols, for example I see a gentleman in my minds eye and he is wearing a cross and when I see the symbol of a cross it means to me' religion'. I would ask the client i am reading for  "was the gentleman religious" and by me seeing the symbol of the cross that helps to give validation that I have the right person in spirit. 
I am clairaudient, which means for example, I may hear some music and I would ask the client "did the person in spirit enjoy this piece of music", and this again helps to give a validation that I have the right person in spirit.
I am Clair-sentient which means I feel the spirit so for example if a loved one 'in spirit' used to have bad chest pains or hurt there leg I have the ability to feel it.
I also smell and taste things when I am giving a reading connecting to a love one so if the loved one liked Marmite, I might get the taste of it.
I am also medically intuitive  which basically means I see problems you may be having in your body. It works three ways:
First, I see the problem as an image, so for example you have trouble with your stomach. I can see by receiving the image of a stomach and then a white spot where your  problem is
Second, I will still see the image of your stomach but instead of seeing the white spot,I am just drawn to the area.
Third, I see colours on your body which draw my attention to the area where the possible problem lies.
I am also able to pick up on problems with animals and their temperaments