Kelly is a talented and compassionate medical intuitive, psychic medium, animal communicator and Reiki grandmaster/teacher She offers readings over the net, via Phone and one to ones

Kelly only speaks the truth. If you feel you are ready to hear the truth, then contact Kelly to hear it. She can answer a wide range of questions, ranging from love life to work or contacting loved ones that have passed

 Please read: each page carefully Before booking a reading                                               

Please note: Every person(s) Must read and accept the full terms and conditions before Any reading is to take place including each person(s) in a group reading.


Reiki is two  separate  words Reiki is  a Japanese word - the first part Rei means "God's Wisdom /Higher Power and Ki which means life force energy

the  word psychic comes from the Greek word  psȳchikós  which means breath and   soul 


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