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Quick Facts

  • Psychic
  • Medium
  • reiki master
  • Pet psychic/medium
  • medical intuition
  • guest co-hosted internet radio
  • Clients all over the world
  • over a decade of experience
  • born psychic medium
  • Animal lover






Welcome to kelly Chamberlain psychic medium. Together with spirits guidance you will find "your hidden truth" Kelly has been giving readings for over a decade and within that time has read people and animals from all over the UK and around the world she has also guest co-hosted on internet radio 


Kelly offers a personalized experience with all her clients old and new she appreciates that each of your experiences and possible hardships is unique to you and she will treat you with the kindness and respect you Deserve.



with her no mystical approach you get to understand what those who guide you in spirit are actually saying so that you know what your future has install. Past clients have said that having a reading with her "Is like having a coffee and a chat with an old friend" 

There are multi-services available and Kelly is always looking for new and inventive ways to use her knowledge and experience in new ways. 





Medical intuitive readings are also available what this means is that essentially you have a Spiritual MRI check-up it doesn't evolve any equipment and has no side effects that have ever been reported.


it can assist you in finding out what health problems you may have, or ways to improve your physical or mental wellbeing.


It can also show past injuries It is also referred to it as a body scan 


the scan can also be used for animals 



Psychic readings are available in Tamworth and the surrounding areas Burntwood Lichfield chase town if you are looking for a psychic near or cannot travel Psychic readings are also available online via phone video call.

Need or want to Contact those who are in the spirit realm.


If you are wanting to contact a loved one, be it a human or an animal, mediumship readings are available online through phone or video call whether you are wanting a medium near you or want a reading online kelly is happy to tailor the experience that works for you.




Other services available Reiki healing not sure what reiki is why not look at the reiki page for the history of reiki in short reiki refers to energy and the belief that we all have the ability to heal ourselves we just need the key to the lock to unlock the healing energy inside us all.


reiki healing originates from Japan


 Reiki sessions are available online only due to Covid 19. Reiki can be used to help balance your chakras and help your physical and spiritual connect If you are in need or curious about the effects of reiki book a session with kelly today.



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