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Various Charities

Clairvoyant Tamworth

On this page you will see some charities that I am supporting. I ask that everyone show support and donate. Even a £1 makes a difference. I will be arranging fundraising readings in the future, as well as adding more charities, so check back regularly and visit my Facebook and twitter pages.

If anyone is wanting to make a donation to the K9 Blood Donor Team the PayPal address is donate@k9blooddonors.com 

Weimaraer Charity




The Dog You Need

This charity is a small charity run by a husband and wife duo located in Spain. Taking in and rehabilitating animals. Peter Singh and his wife do an amazing job.




Ravens Rescue





Yappy Ever After





Rushton Dog Rescue





other charities a mixture

some of theses charities i have a personal connection with or interest and others i know of and think they are good causes i have tried to use my intuition and research on even 50p is better than nothing or pass it forward tell others about the charities


Alzheimers society





Cerebral palsy.org

Cerebral Palsy is a very close and personal subject to me the cerebralpalsy.org website has various charities which help people who have Cerebral palsy




British scoliosis research foundaton






 Steps seems a interesting charity it helps people who have lower limb conditions such as hip dysplasia  hip dysplasia is probably reconized more commonly in animals such as dogs which is how i first came to hear of hip dyspasia but i  have since had a personal experience with the condition



















Do you have a charity that you would like to suggest?

Do you have a charity that you think should be on my list? or a story where a charity personally helped you or a family member that you think i should know? then please send me an email with the subject "charity suggestion" and "my charity story" for All charity related stories to info@kellychamberlain.com please remember to add the subject from of the above to the email you send me so i dont mistaken your email

llove & light

kelly xo

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