Below are links to some very talented psychic,clairvoyants and kind people  I have met along my journey so far.

Karen Harisson
Karen is a very intuitive and accurate psychic reader she is very  honest but in a loving way definitely some one you should seek for a psychic reading.
Alan Cox
Alan is very talented  he has a comprehensive range of different ways of helping people. Alan is a psychic surgeon  and radio host based in the UK he is able to conduct surgery through his spirit doctors, Including Dr David Ingles ...that in this life were doctors and in passing continue to help Alan
Laura Evans
Laura has amazing insights into the other side and an uncanny ability to pass messages from loved ones in spirit to loved ones on this side of life.
Laura is also the author of one spiritual book called "A bridge to the other side"
Ellen Hartwell
Ellen is an  intuitive clairvoyant psychic who is very down to earth and with her loving manner will soon put you at ease.
Ellen also hosts a metaphysical radio talk show called  "clairvoyant chronicles" on blog talk radio on Mondays at 1pm Est. She carries out twice seen psychic readings on every show.

Peter Dibbs
Pete is a chef by day and psychic by night. His honest approach to his clients makes him the perfect man for the job.
Pam McCall
Pam is a animal communicator,clairvoyant medium and psychic with that long list  you are sure get the perfect reading to all the answers you are seeking Pam also has a radio show called. Energetic communications with am McCall
Dorothy Holder
Dorothy is a energy therapist  who has an amazing insight to the human body, she does many different types of reading including aura diagnosis, chakra diagnosis, tarot card readings and many more with Dorothy amazing insight receiving a reading from her will change the way you view your body
Drita Marshall
Drita is very talented she has a lot to offer on her website including charka cleaning, chakra balancing and that is just a small part of what drita does, she is also a clairvoyant and with that big mixture of talents you are sure to  have a better understanding of your body and spiritual being after receiving a reading from drita

Zach Sterling
 Zach  Sterling is a Spiritual guide, clairvoyant & empath 
his amazing insight will blow you away and his sense of humour will soon but you at ease.
The Southern Michigan paranormals

The southern Michigan paranormals is a paranormal investigation group which specialists in investigating all different  types of places to collect evidence of the paranormal 
the founder of the Southern Michigan paranormals is a fantastic man called Dan Holroyd


kiri angel is a brilliant website to come together and remember those who have crossed over and support others. 


   Anne is a great healer learn more about how Anne can help you visit the website found below.            



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