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Hello, welcome to my website. My name is Kelly Chamberlain, I am a Psychic medium, medical intuitive, animal communicator (pet psychic) and reiki grandmaster and reiki teacher I was born and raised in Birmingham but I now live in Lichfield, England and I live with a Varian of animals including, A German shepherd dog, and Birds in the quiet countryside.


As a young child, I always saw and felt things that I did not know were spiritual. I got contacted by spirits from an early age; they would come to me at night and would show themselves as see-through faces that would come at me from out of the walls. As a child, I found this extremely scary.


At the time I never knew that it was the spirit world’s insight. The spirits would talk to me in my head, but it always sounded like a big group of people and everyone would be talking to me at the same time, so I could never distinguish who was talking.


I am the youngest sibling in my big family and the only one that uses the blessing I was given to help people.  my late grandmother on my father’s side used tarot cards and gave my mother a prediction that became true. also in my family, my mother and her mother have had premonitions some of which came true.


I had my first memorable psychic experience when I was aged five. I realised this when my mother informed me years later.


I did Psychometry (which is feeling the historic energy) on a man's jacket and picked that the gentleman's friend had passed away just a few weeks before.


My first medical intuitive experience was on a dog suffering from cancer without the diagnosis. I determined that a lump on the dog's hindquarters was not a bite mark, that it was thought to be; in fact, it was a tumour. This helped to ensure that the animal’s last days were better than if the tumour had remained hidden.


My extraordinary ability will soon help to put your mind at ease. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate enough to guest co-host on a number of internet radio shows including "clairvoyant chronicles" with Ellen Hartwell on blog talk radio giving psychic readings to people all across the USA.


I have also read for people from Australia, Germany, Belgium, USA and Canada just to name a few



ways spirit connect with me



I am clairvoyant, which means I see images. I also see symbols, for example, I see a gentleman in my mind's eye and he is wearing a cross and when I see the symbol of a cross it means to me' religion'. I would ask the client I am reading for “was the gentleman religious" and by me seeing the symbol of the cross that helps to give validation that I have the right person in spirit.


I am clairaudient, which means, for example, I may hear some music and I would ask the client "did the person in spirit enjoy this piece of music", and this again helps to give a validation that I have the right person in spirit.


I am Clair-sentient, which means I feel the spirit so for example if a loved one 'in spirit' used to have bad chest pains or hurt their leg I have the ability to feel it.


I also smell and taste things when I am giving a reading connecting to a loved one so if the loved one liked Marmite, I might get the taste of it.


I am Medically intuitive, which means I see problems you may be having on your body. It primarily works in three ways:


First, I see the problem as an image, so, for example, you have trouble with your stomach. I can see by receiving the image of a stomach and then a white spot where your problem is


Second, I will still see the image of your stomach, but instead of seeing the white spot, I am just drawn to the area.


Third, I see colours on your body which draw my attention to the area where the possible problem lies.


I am an animal communicator, which means I am able to pick up on problems and personality with animals, including their temperaments, feelings, thoughts, desires, memories and unknown history.


Give an in-depth explanation just contact me. reiki is conducted through the hands and uses the clients own energy to heal it involves bio magnetics I essentially turn on the Reiki in the body of whoever is receiving the Reiki session but unlike other ways people heal reiki doesn’t use my personal energy just the energy of the receiver simply explained although those who want to know more information on Reiki visit the reiki page.


Interest outside of the spirit world


When I am not working for spirit I try to help animals I grew up around animal rescues and had an insider view of how smaller charities work as a family my mom fostered various animals and apart from working with spirit Animal welfare is what I am most passionate about I offer my insight to charities to help the animals with hidden backgrounds or emotional problems as well as Reiki. I am also proud to be a vegetarian my other main interest is Video games and I also believe strongly in Cerebral palsy awareness as it is very close to my heart.


Thank you for visiting my website and reading my Bio.


Lots of Love and light


Kelly xo

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