This blog is my personal experience of being an animal psychic any similarities are purely coincidental have been doing animal readings roughly since 2013 in that time I have read dogs cats rabbits, horses tortoise and lizards and birds I am going to give you a bit of background and explain how it works for me and hopefully people will like what I write

beginning with my first animal psychic moment

was back in 2010 roughly after a radio show I had guest hosted on a lady called pam radio show after I saw a photo of her collie she asked me to see what I get I thought she was mad since I had not read an animal intentionally before this moment and it was an odd experience I saw through the dogs eyes her view she first took me up the garden so in my mind I had a video playing of myself as this dog then it went back to me seeing the dog as the dog as she was digging a holes I was sceptical to say the least I thought well most dogs digs holes but pam encouraged me to carry on and the dog showed me toys being in this hole I then went into the house and I saw the counter a chair and a cupboard door and I remember clearly it being on the left hand side and I felt that the dog didn’t like this cupboard door it bangs and pam told me that I was right the dog didn’t like the cupboard for the reason I had said.
I did a reading through a photo of a horse while I was doing a normal reading the lady gave me a photo of her horse so I  looked at the horse and told her what i felt  and  to  my  relief she could relate to what I felt.
but I didn't take reading, animals and all the comes with it until roughly 2013 I had read a few animals and got good feedback, but then I went to a yard with horses and from that moment I got a new understanding of horses
I would go up to an animal and this is still party my method when I was in the yard, I met my friend Mandy and she was showing me around the different horses and I went to up to the horse and in my head, I asked is there anything you want to tell me and to my surprise I got a reply the horse told me its likes and dislikes how he felt.

What I didn't expect

Throughout my years of readings I have learned that animals understand what we say a lot more than we thought, I have always believed that animals are smart they pick up our emotions and learn things. But with my different readings I have learned that horses have senses of humours and are cheeky I met a Shetland called fudge and there is a great story that I was told fudge used to have a little girl who rode him and one time the little girl is walking with fudge and the mother of this little girl had mentioned about being careful as fudge being a cheeky boy he would sometimes nip and the little girl didn't seem worried and then fudge nipped the mother's hand and had licked the little girls face. this was what I was told and it makes me smile as fudge understood what was being said and decided to react .fudge has a brother not blood but owned by my friend Mandy he is also a Shetland called sunny both boys get on and shared a field with Mandy’s other horses and I went to visit Mandy and she said to me "Kell go ask fudge what he did today" so not knowing I went over to fudge and I said to him out loud hi fudge what have you done today and he showed me himself with sunny and another horse sapphire and he showed me sunny chasing sapphire and I told Mandy and she informed me that it was fudge and sunny chasing sapphire fudge had told a fib.
But what it showed to me is the sibling rivalry the innocence of fudge and his thinking. but I have read horses dogs cats etc. who are mature and have a better vocabulary then I do my late dog Tara her personality both non psychic which I mean if you was to meet her she is very smart stubborn and likes things her own way and talking to her psychically she knows that my mom is her mom she can rely things that has happened and has her own opinion

These examples of some of my experiences taught me the different ways animals communicate whether through giving me feeling as away to express themselves or through words and images or all three but also how they can have a mind like a young child and the innocents to then being like blunt smart confident and everything in between animals are amazing creatures I am blessed to be able talk to animals

Have you ever wondered if anyone has looked at how intelligent animals are

Then You are not alone, and you may have never thought much about the above or animals in general but as early as the ancient Greeks wanted to know more about how various animals work and throughout the centuries, we know more than we did for example animals feel pain and show emotion and are able to learn new things

Until I started this work I did not think of my dog as being self-aware I though she was clever, but never considered that she was able to hold a conversation or have thoughts about stuff other than food yet she wanted to have puppies she never had any though which now she's in rain bow bridge I would have liked a little version of her running around.

When people ask me what its like to be an animal psychic.

I often say to people I am like Dr Dolittle I grew up in the 90s, so Eddie Murphy is the version of the film I know to give you a basic outline of the film Eddie Murphy starts hearing people talking to him and then he realizes that the voices were coming for animals and he is a vet so all the animals want his help and everywhere he goes animals come to him.

I say I am like Doctor Dolittle because I can talk to animals, but I do not hear animals everywhere I go I have to tune into an animal bit like a TV when there was an Ariel and you would have to move it around until you get an image on the tv.

It is similar but I don’t have to move around a lot.

Some animals don’t want to talk to me and I have found that animals like horses will walk up to me, I once in a field back in 2017 I had gone to see my brother's horse and I went into the field where the horses were and there was a large number of horses all in this field I had never been with so many horses all at once, but then various of the horses came up to me and unlike dogs I had yet to meet a horse who is overcome with joy to see a stranger so it told me that they sensed I was psychic.

Sometimes I get animals who are drawn to me without a treat or encouragement I have animals that are reluctant to go near me and I have had animals where the owner has told me that their beloved animal "does not like strangers" Yet they come up to me sometimes I have to give them some time to adjust and for them to realize I'm not a threat once they realize they are completely different.

I believe that every animal deserves a chance and sometimes a more holistic approach is better because with a human we will try to find a solution, but for animals we are quick to blame the animal it's not cheap owning an animal it can be thousands of pounds at the vets. and I understand people's reluctance but my approach is a back to basics approach and to listen to the animal as we discussed earlier animals are aware of everything this approach is cheaper than going to the vets or paying for training which sometimes looks at the behaviour but they can't hear it from the animal itself I charge £25 for an animal reading I can do I can better help with troubled animals,if you want to know what your animal is thinking, a beloved pet that is now in rainbow bridge unlike other readings such as a psychic reading looking at the future you can talk to your pet as much as you like and hear what they are thinking through me its important to say that with beloved pets in rainbow bridge its not the same so that is why I would advise every 3 months as a minimum.

if you would like to know more visit my website

thank you for reading my first blog all feedback welcomed and tell me what you want me to blog about next
love and light
Kelly xo

Kelly Chamberlain Psychic Medium Animal communicator and ryoho reiki master & teacher



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