My Services

  I offer a variety of affordable services to help you find the clarity, guidance and information that you seek. Whether you’re trying to make sense of your love life, or are wondering when luck will come your way, I can connect with the spirit world to give you the clarity and support that you need. 

Areas I can help with

• Relationships

• Home life

• Money

• Work

• Clarity

• Emotional wellbeing

• Medical Insight

• Animal emotional insight

Reading types

When booking a reading you are advised to ask specific questions so that you can receive the best possible reading from spirit, and me.

I offer several types of readings. Please select the reading that is most suited to your needs: 


• Mediumship readings (I prefer a photo of a loved one in spirit/deceased) I can read without a photo

• Psychic readings, and predictions of future events

• Psychometry (reading the energy of personal items and objects)  

• Reiki healing

• Group readings – perfect for hen parties, fundraising events, pub venues etc.

• Animal readings

 Animal Reiki session


ways to receive your reading


• Telephone reading via mobile or Skype

• Text message reading

• Email reading with photo

• Online psychic readings

  • Online mediumship readings 
  • Video call through Skype 








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