What is a Psychic?

The word psychic comes from The word "psychiko" is derived from the Greek word psychikos ("of the mind" or "mental"),




Psychic History


Psychic readings and predictions have been around since  the 19th century

  Psychic readings were sometimes more of a parlour trick and were often faked or manipulated. 


However not all psychics were dishonest and people would come far and wide to see a famous psychic in action such as Edgar Cayce, pictured below.



Edgar Cayce, as well as the Fox sisters, all helped to shine a light on the spirit world.


Just as in many other areas of life, there are those who seek to deceive, 

and there are others such as myself, who take pride in being as truthful as they can.


 A Psychic is basically someone who can see past, present and future events.

A psychic can also detect emotions associated with living beings.


Edgar Cayce - who was a well-known American clairvoyant and psychic


Psychic/Clairvoyant Services



As a psychic I offer readings online, by phone, SMS, via email, by online video link or else in person.

I am based in Lichfield, in England so I can offer


psychic readings


in person if you live in the West Midlands area, such as Birmingham, Burntwood or Lichfield.



I can offer you an accurate psychic reading for yourself, as well as a psychic reading for your animals to the best of my ability.



If you would like an honest and genuine reading, then feel free to contact me for a psychic reading.


Pet psychic readings are also available via phone readings online, SMS email, and in person.


If you are looking for an authentic telephone reading which is both reliable and informative then I can help you.


I endeavour to be as accurate as I can.  As a psychic I can cover any subject, including your love life.


I can look at a variety of areas to find the answers that you are looking for.


When dealing with a genuine psychic you can trust in the spirit's guidance.

I offer low-cost, genuine readings.  I will answer your questions, giving you truthful readings and truthful answers.


I will give you as much information as possible in your reading so if you trust in spirit, trust them in guiding you to me and contact me today.

For a psychic reading, whether by phone, text, text, email or in person, I am here to help you.


Whether you are seeking answers to a specific issue, or you want a more general reading, or whether it is spiritual guidance you are looking for, I'm here to assist you.


I have been a psychic since I was born and I have carried out readings for both animals and people from around the world.


I can pick up on how people are feeling and this can be used to help with knowing if a potential partner has feelings for you, or to look at why you are feeling more emotional than usual, as well as many other things.




Animal or Pet Psychic



When carrying out a reading for an animal I find it is very similar to a human reading,
 I am able to pick up their emotions and so can tell you how your beloved pet is feeling about current events, what they like or dislike, as well as their past, present and future.
I can also find out why there are acting in a certain way, if for instance there has been a change of behaviour.  In addition I am sometimes able to see as the animal does through their own eyes.



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