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We all have energy flowing through our bodies an example of our energy is the aura when I talk about Reiki I am going to try to keep it simple   Reiki pronounced ray-key is based on the principle that every living thing has chi.   Basically, put we are liking a walking talking battery. The Spiritual aspect states we all have charkas, which are spinning wheels of energy flowing through the body. Each charka plays a different role in keeping your body healthy and when one or all chakras are out of balance you can have problems. Here is how each of the seven chakras works:

crown chakra which is located at the of the head. It helps with brain or nervous system, and the pineal gland. When this chakra is balanced you will feel joy and connected. In comparison when the chakra is not working correctly you feel misunderstood and disconnected from everyone.

brow chakra also knows as the third eye is linked to a spiritual connection. When balanced you can express yourself. When it's not you can be doubting yourself.


the heart chakra is linked to the heart circular system. When balanced you may feel empathetic. When it is not balanced you may feel jealousy.

solar plexus chakra is located near the sternum and navel. When balanced you may feel outgoing and confident. When not balanced you may have low self-esteem.

sacral chakra when balanced you feel friendly. When not balanced you are bothered by what others say.

the root chakra is located at the base of the spine. When it is balanced you may feel content and grounded. When not balanced you will experience a feeling of being unloved.


Animals have charkas too, so it is important that they are balanced emotionally and physically if they are healthy.



Science states that every cell and tissue has its own magnetic field and is similar to a hive of bees. When they work together you get healthy honey. This is similar to the cells in your body. When everything is working in sync we are balanced. When there is an imbalance it can cause problems. This includes emotion, mental and physical issues.  


It's my job to rebalance you by gently using the electric current produced by my hands, to change the current /energy so that it is balanced again. This principle works on all living things including animals, humans, plants etc. It is similar to turning on a light switch. To start the healing process, the current is transmitted through my hands. When conducting Reiki it is between 7-10hz Theta and Alpha range.


Our bones resonate at a low frequency, whereas our blood vibrates at a higher frequency. The most important information is a very simple. Reiki cannot cause harm since it is using your own energy to heal. It can be used in various ways to help with pain relief. It can bring clarity and relax you,. It also detoxifies your body.

Side Effects

Emotion response ie you might feel like crying
Feeling hot and cold
Failing asleep 
Seeing colours or lights
Involuntary movements
Stomach rumbling


You may feel nothing at the time, but then after a while you may feel one of those side effects. Reiki goes where it is needed in the body.


Reiki can be conducted on anyone regardless of age, including pregnant women and animals.


If you have a pacemaker you cannot receive Reiki because Reiki is working with currents, and it could affect the function of the pacemaker. Also if you have diabetes it is very important that you check your insulin levels as Reiki can lower the insulin levels in the body. This also includes animals that have diabetes.



The first appointment will consist of a questionnaire so that I can get some medical background. It's not too in depth, and I will treat all information with the strictest confidence. I will keep a record of all appointment sessions including treatments.

You will also need to sign specific terms and conditions before any Reiki is to take place. I have a form that I will send you, so you can fill it out with a witness present. There is no age limit with Reiki, so it can benefit the whole family.

This is my late dog Tara Who i gave reiki sessions regularly(c) Kelly
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