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Clairvoyant  West Midlands

Please beware that I am only accepting the new banknotes for the UK the old currency are not accepted And require going to the bank with the old money with id to exchange it.

here is what the bank of England have said

"There are currently four denominations (values) of circulating Bank of England note: £5, £10, £20 and £50. Every note has a unique serial number.Our current £5 and £10 notes are printed on polymer. We also have a paper £10 in circulation, which will be withdrawn on 1 March 2018."

All Payments for email and telephone readings MUST be received before any reading can commence. Payments for in-person readings are payable on the day.




When travelling is required to a client’s house, for a private reading, the expenses must be covered by the client. A minimum number of people in attendance can help reduce the cost.

In person readings, over a 10-mile radius of my location, must be for a group of at least 5 individuals and must not exceed a radius of 35 miles.

I require the full address, including postal code, for in-person readings.


Please note: one-to-one readings, in person and on the phone are now available for a maximum time of 30mins (half an hour).


Conversion rates

£25.00 = $40.23

£30.00 = $48.28

£10.00 = $15.54



Discounts & Special offers

 *Special Offers*

Discounts on Shopify: I currently have three items on the discount phone reading. The 25 & 30mins and animal reading only has 60 discounts available. Once they have gone these offers will no longer apply, and you will be charged the normal prices. Please note: if I am reading an animal in person this discount does not apply. Discounts can only be applied to Shopify. Come back regularly to see more offers.



Please apply this code at the checkout to receive your discount while stocks last!


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