Payment Terms and Prices

Clairvoyant  West Midlands

Some Services Available you will only see Through the booking option  This is to give you the opportunity to have a set Appointment  if you see a service that you would like, but you do not want a set time or date Send me a message  I'm happy to tailor the services I offer to suit your needs

All Payments for email and telephone readings MUST be received before any reading can commence. Payments for in-person readings are payable on the day before the start of the reading.

Please note that due to COVID-19 Face to Face Readings  are Still unavailable at this time I will update Everyone

when  Face to face Readings are available once more




When travelling is required to a client’s house, for a private reading, the expenses must be covered by the client. A minimum number of people in attendance can help reduce the cost.



In person readings, over a 10-mile radius of my location, must be for a group of at least 5 individuals and must not exceed a radius of 35 miles.

I require the full address, including postal code, for in-person readings.


Please note: one-to-one readings, in person and on the phone are now available for a maximum time of 30mins (half an hour).




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