The word psychic comes from The word "psychiko" is derived from the Greek word psychikos ("of the mind" or "mental"),


Psychic readings predictions have been around since ancient times in the 19th century


 psychic readings were more a parlor trick and often faked or manipulated, but not all psychics were fake and like in everything there are those who want to deceive, and those including myself who takes pride in being as truthful as I can.


 a Psychic is someone who can see presents past and future events that is he simplest example


 it also refers to picking up emotion  a psychic reading refers  to the living. 


Psychic readings near you in the west midlands, Birmingham Burntwood Lichfield


I offer psychic readings in lichfield picking upon your current events the future and your past..

 I am also able to help emotionally.


 I can pick up on how people are feeling  this can be used to help with knowing if a partner has feelings, or to look at why you are emotional and many other things


Psychic Animal readings also commonly know as pet psychic.

When Reading an animal is much like a human reading,

 I am able to pick up there emotions how your beloved pets feels about current events what they like dislike also their past present and future

why there are acting a certain way  behaviour  changes  i am also able to see as the animal does sometimes through there eyes.


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