What to expect from a reading

Medium Sutton coldfield

This page will help you to prepare for receiving a reading, so that you will know what to expect.


In person reading

I ask that you have some questions for me. The more detailed the Questions, the more detailed the answers will be. Also, have a photo of the loved one you wish to contact.

Important note: I will not read with young children in the room. If it is a group reading I will read all participants separately.


Animal readings

I can read from a photo of the animal, or in person. I give insight on emotional wellbeing, background history, like/dislikes, and I can pick up medical problems doing Reiki. I also talk to animals in spirit.


Psychometry reading

Reading an object or objects, via pictures or in person. For example: a ring of a loved one who is in spirit. Jewellery is easiest to read. I can read for the living or in spirit.


Email and Text message readings

I will always ask for detailed questions on the subject you want answering. These must be accompanied by a picture of the individual requesting the reading, and any third parties involved in the reading. This enables me to create a connection with the spirit world. 


Telephone reading

All telephone readings will start with a casual conversation. This will involve me asking how you are etc, so I can establish a spiritual connection. Once this has been gained, I will proceed to ask you what it is you are looking to find from your reading, and what questions you wish me to answer.

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