Questions to ask a psychic medium  

Questions to ask a Psychic


here I will give you examples of psychic questions you can ask 

my definition of a psychic we see the past present and future.


each psychic is different so they may have different questions that they will or will not answer but the examples I will give you I will answer those type questions. 


please note I will not answer personal questions on here such as a missing person I will only answer general questions for free, not questions involving a reading if you have such questions then please book a reading with me


Will I get that promotion? 

questions, where you are asking if there is going to be a change or changes in the future, can be answered this includes  moving, relationships, finances 


Does my partner love me? question, where you are asking about someone's emotions which also can relate to animals these type of questions, are looking at the present and it is emotional insight.this question can also change the focus just by asking will my partner ever love me 




You can also ask questions where you are referring to an amount of time example

can I move in my house in 18 months specifically with myself I cannot answer questions where the time span is twenty plus years I work with being as detailed as possible focusing on a shorter time period.





Questions to ask a Medium

 My definition of a Medium is connecting to the deceased often referred to as spirit


Are my loved ones happy in spirit?

do my loved ones in spirit still now what is happening this side?


Do they still feel pain?


what are my loved ones opinion on different matters in my life


does a loved one or my guides have any advice or guidance?


these are a few question examples if you have a question or do not know what type reading you will like to contact me  through the form click the link "contact me" you can email me  click the link you can leave me a question on this page or finally you can call or text me on 07580434465











Questions that you should not ask a Psychic or Medium.


here are questions and areas that the majority of psychic and mediums will not answer. Each individual  has there own rules 




When Am I going to die?

  questions that refer to yours or others mortality cannot be answered  the reason for this is two reasons if you were given a date or time even the  method of your death the information could be inaccurate so example is I get told I am going to die on a set date and time so not only could this cause emotional  distress but on the set  day I wait  to pass to spirit and I am still alive. so even if spirit told a medium that they client was going to pass ethically they could not say.


Is someone harming my child?

This is an extremely difficult because naming someone or saying that a person did something immoral as an example it again may be wrong and without prove that it could cause upset at the very least


Should I have an abortion?
​this is a hard question because myself another psychic medium cannot make decisions for you we are here to guide you.


 is my babe going to be a boy or girl?

this is a question that is preference so some psychics will answer this questions other will not


is my pregnancy going to be ok will my baby be ok? 

because of predictions being tricky these questions cannot be answered


question where you are asking a psychic medium to make a decision for your questions about mortality questions that could wrongfully accuse someone these areas cannot be answered. if you are unsure what questions are suitable for email me or phone me on 07580434465








​Questions & Answers

Psychic Answers

​on this page you will be able to read questions I have been asked both about being a psychic medium and medical intuitive and an animal psychic medium.

 These answers are my own opinions and experiences




can messages happen at two seperate locations at the same time?

This my interpretation of the question asked by Tonya who was curious by herself and her friends both getting the same experience of smelling smoke at the same time at two separate locations neither Tonya and her friend smoke. too  answer this question Spirit does not need time and what I mean is  here on the living side we use it to keep track of events birthdays or an interview appointment spirit do not have the same worries there are in  spirit a place where time does not exist in the same way so to explain someone might have just passed away  and here it is seconds or even hours that  the person or animal has died but that person or animal could be already in spirit which is why spirit can see both future past and present so going back to the question it is  possible for spirit to be in two places my exprience of this is spirit moving from one place to another very quickly it is also possible for a spirit to be say at my brothers house yet communicating with me  in a totally different location.

Do I talk to the devil?

No I do not contact the devil I work within the love before any reading I conduct I will ask that I work within the light this means that This is conducting safely I mainly speak to either my guide Emily or the client’s family or friends or sometimes their guide or guides



​I do not want to hear anything bad

The above isn’t a question but a common worry


​So let me put you at ease I will not tell you when you are going pass to spirit the reason as a rule most psychic/mediums won’t tell you is this timing is a tricky area it is not always exact so by telling you that you will pass on said day and you go away worrying counting the days and hours and on the date giving you are fine and well you have been through unnecessary stress readings are meant to be used as a guideline



​Do Animals have accents?

​This question makes me smile the answer to this question is for me no but They do have a sense of humour and are very much aware of things going on around them they have emotions too

​you’re not very old I am worried about your experience


This has been a problem for some people in the Past but I want to make things clear I am the mouth piece what this means is I am told from spirit about the person(s) I am reading and spirit give me all the knowledge I need to know to conduct the reading I have always been psychic from a very young age it’s in my blood I work with spirit every day I have been doing readings for many years now I have been a guest host on radio shows I’ve read for many people so rest assured you’re in safe hands





how long should i wait to contact my loved one

This is a question asked very often and my personal experience has shown that it depends on a few factors 

  1. how quickly your loved one including animals adjusts to the spirit they have to get the connection strong so similar to tune in an old tv or radio
  2. there character if your loved one is determined talkative or just wants to connect they will

how they passed can affect how quickly they adjust it can be confusing to some.

I have read people/animals the day after there passing so  the longer they are in spirit  the stronger the connection is the  answer  most common for time is 6 months 

How often should i receive a reading?

Each reader is different but for me i recommend the minimum time between readings be 2 months  you can have a reading more than once in a day as example but it cannot be the same area previously been brought up in a reading since it is likely to bring the same  information forward but for the best results every 2 months is best because you are giving time for events to happen and also you are keeping ahead with what is going to be happening but readings are a guide and should not be a replacement for your own thoughts and feelings


​The things you have said have not made sense are you accurate?

The Answer is yes What happens is events are always happening so I best describe it like making a jigsaw the pieces are placed at the right time there is no time with spirit be patient trust in the reading and spirit, another common reason why people will not recognize what is said is denial and the third common reason is it has not happened yet the jigsaw piece is still not placed





​more than one person has been described in spirit why?

I am happy to tell you that this uncommon What happens is two things spirits can merge that is the first spirit let’s say a gentleman he may only give me how he past or something he did in life I may not know anything else then someone comes along and tells me something else it is not always completely separate energies other times I will get someone who tells me who they are great but then usually more than one person tries to talk and it is hard to distinguish





 Do you think Barbie dolls are some sort of poppet used on American girls?

I have never thought much about the affects that dolls have on girls, when i was little a doll was just that i played with action men (gi jo) and i was ignorantly blissful But i do think that barbie has had a sterotype that women should be the classic house wife and that is a very narrow mindset to portray to girls even if some girls just see barbie as a doll. i think subconciously it would influence the thinking of the girl 


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  • anastasia babina (Sunday, April 28 19 01:46 am BST)

    Hi, I had a question. Do you think Barbie dolls are some sort of poppet used on American girls? I am not sure.

  • Tonya Smith (Saturday, October 21 17 02:49 am BST)

    Let me get your thoughts on this. I've had a best friend from the day we were born, we lived next door to each other and was in the play pen together to just give you a idea of our closeness. We even grew up and married brothers. Any way for years I have smell cigarette smoke and no one would be home but me. We don't smoke. One day just in conversation I told June that I smell cigarette smoke lots of time and no one would be around. She said she did too. So it became a joke when one of us would smell it we would call the other to see if they smelled it too. Keep in mind she's 3 hours away from me. We would always say yes we smelled it. So about two months ago my friend Joyce was over my house and I ask her if she smelled cigarette smoke. She said no she didn't. At the same time June sent me a text message asking if I was smelling cigarette smoke right then. Again this week I ask Dave if he smelled cigarette smoke and he didn't. Before he got no out of his mouth June called and said do you smell that? This is so weird to us. We joke it's someone coming back that we both know.
    We just can't figure it out.

​If you have any questions not for a reading general questions only ask your question in the comment form below I will Answer the questions in the above setting

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