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Read testimonials from past clients on their experiences receiving  a reading the wisdom and comfort from loved ones on the other side and how those seeking answers on what to do in their life got the answers from spirit I have read for people in Birmingham and other places in  the UK and internationally if you would like to know what questions to ask a medium go to the question and answer page.



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  • tony (Tuesday, October 22 19 10:06 pm BST)

    As always a blessing having Kelly as a genuine médium. She contacted my beloved mom and her psychic abilities are awesome.

  • Sam meaney (Monday, September 23 19 04:02 pm BST)

    kelly is very good at what she does she did reiki on my right shoulder today that has been bothering me and causing me pain for over a month I have strong pain relief that dont touch the pain fully so I asked Kelly if she would mind doing reiki on my shoulder as it couldn't hurt if anything only help and to my amazement it helped my shoulder the pain isnt as bad as it was and I can now move my arm a little more with out the shooting pain that was happening each time I moved my shoulder I would highly recommend kelly for both reiki and readings as she has done readings on me in the past that was 100% accurate

  • tony (Wednesday, August 14 19 05:11 pm BST)

    Kelly is a very gifted psychic and an unique médium.

  • Wendy McCabe (Monday, July 22 19 12:30 pm BST)

    So spot on with my reading mand you didn't stop when my time was up you carried on telling as things were comming thru to you x thankyou so much it has help me a lot x
    You are an amazing lady x

  • Lorraine Lane (Sunday, July 14 19 08:34 pm BST)

    You have read my horse perfectly, thank you so much .. absolutely everything you have touched on is Maggie down to a tea.

    I smiled so much over Bally, we refer to him as her little brother (he is my sisters shetland and younger than her)

    Kelly you are amazing, truly have a gift

    I am recommending you to a friend as I feel she needs her horse reading xxxx

  • tony (Saturday, May 04 19 11:13 am BST)

    Kelly is a genuine and trustworthy
    médium. I am glad Lord guided me to her. God bless you.

  • Jill (Sunday, November 11 18 05:24 pm GMT)

    Great reading as always. Very accurate and spot on. You brought great reassurance and comfort. Most appreciated.

  • Jill (Wednesday, March 28 18 07:08 am BST)

    I am very happy with my reading which is very accurate and which I can relate to. Many thanks.

  • Julia (Monday, December 04 17 08:36 pm GMT)

    I've had both an email and phone reading with Kelly . Both were really good and so much information she was totally spot on with people she described. Actually told me the make and colour of a car belonging to a late relative , even the area they lived which is a great distance from the area I'm from . Thank you Kelly will be recommending you to family and friends

  • Louisa (Sunday, September 17 17 07:50 pm BST)

    Our beautiful dog passed away and I was desperate to know he was safe and that he knew he was loved.
    Kelly was so kind at an awful time. She responded to my emails with sensitivity and promptly. It was like having a conversation with a friend!
    It was so incredibly comforting to know he was with another family dog and had safely passed over.
    Kelly was able to describe both dogs characters and their ailments.
    We will miss our lovely dog so much. Kelly has provided some much needed reassurance that he is safe.
    I cannot thank you enough Kelly.

  • S Ali (Wednesday, April 26 17 06:41 pm BST)

    I saw Kelly a few days ago for a reading - she is truly amazing, very empathetic. I was completely taken by surprise by how lovely and genuine she is! She has such a love for animals and people, and such genuine understanding. Absolutely amazing!

  • isobel (Tuesday, November 29 16 06:15 pm GMT)

    lovely lady, fantastic reading very accurate

  • tracey (Monday, June 06 16 05:38 pm BST)

    I had a reading with kelly yesterday she told me things that I probably already knew and made me realise what I need to do next. She is very good and would advice anyone to go see her. She's a lovely
    young lady x

  • emily (Thursday, March 03 16 05:55 pm GMT)

    I had a couple of readings with kelly and they were on point.She has a real gift at communicating with loved ones who have passed.
    I lost my baby girl a few years ago and gave me great comfort knowing she is safe.

    Thankyou so much kelly

    Emily & Ben

  • Philippa (Wednesday, March 02 16 02:16 pm GMT)

    Had a reading with Kelly last night - very interesting spot on with certain aspects - Kelly picked up on my dogs and their characters - would recommend thank you Kelly ?.

  • Kelly Chamberlain (Monday, June 16 14 07:48 pm BST)

    Due to a change in web server all below Comments are copies of originals posted to the website, I trust you all understand.

  • Harley (Monday, June 16 14 07:40 pm BST)

    I had a reading with Kelly today she was very accurate on everything she told me I was very pleased and so happy that she gave me the comfort I have needed for so long now she's easy to talk to and
    such a kind person I would recommend her 100 percent thank you Kelly

  • Tracy Howell (Monday, June 16 14 07:39 pm BST)

    I had a reading last night and i have to say kelly you were fantastic. everything you got from my nan was spot on. even down to how she liked her tea. thank you so so much. x

  • Rob (Monday, June 16 14 07:39 pm BST)

    I found kelly to be a delightful young lady with a special gift. Her reading for me was accurate in many areas (so much information that some things are still to be checked)and I was very pleased
    with the

  • Donna (Monday, June 16 14 07:37 pm BST)

    Had a very impressive reading with Kelly last week. She was spot on. A Truly gifted young lady. Looking forward to seeing her again in the future. Many, many thanks Kelly

  • Rachel (Monday, June 16 14 07:37 pm BST)

    Had a reading with Kelly, in which My Uncle came through. She told me things even I didn't know and had to check with my cousin! Kelly was spot on with everything she said, and had my cousin sobbing
    when she read what her Dad had said! Kelly is extremely talented and i highly recommend her to anyone who hoping to contact someone in spirit. I have seen a number of mediums and Kelly is the first
    that has contacted someone in spirit world for me,and was spot on!I can truly say Kelly is AMAZING!Thankyou Hun xxx

  • Danielle Grant (Monday, June 16 14 07:36 pm BST)

    Had a second reading from Kelly today and was spot on again! Easy to chat with and down to earth. Cheers Kelly :)

  • Julie (Monday, June 16 14 07:36 pm BST)

    I had a reading with Kelly and was stunned at accurate she was in telling me things she couldn't have possibly known before she met me. I would recommend Kelly as she is very down to earth and very
    easy to talk to and really puts you at ease.

  • Daniel Floyd (Monday, June 16 14 07:35 pm BST)

    I Had a reading yesterday which i was verry pleased with i got all of my Questions answered. verry pleased and would recomend to anyone wanting an accurate good and clear reading

  • Kimberley (Monday, June 16 14 07:34 pm BST)

    I had a reading from Kelly today, and I was blown away! She picked up on the people in question 100% accurately!! I'm looking forward to the predictions because I know they will happen just as she
    saw!!!! My grandfather also came through, and she was able to describe him perfectly!!!!! Thank you sooooo much Kelly!!!!!

  • Carol Grigg (Monday, June 16 14 07:34 pm BST)

    I had a reading from kelly the other day, Everything she told me was found out to be 100% correct. She is an amazing girl who is very gifted. All of the things she told me i was surprised at as it
    was totally correct. Well recommended girl if you want a true reading and a very gud 1 at that then i recommend you get in touch with kelly. The things she told me i was surprised as she shouldnt
    have known any of it and when she did i was amazed. Thanks kelly you are fantastic and thanks for a really good reading x

  • G.O (Monday, June 16 14 07:33 pm BST)

    Kelly is a truly gifted psychic! She touched on many aspects of my life with great accuracy and insight. Her clarity and advise are light-years ahead of her birth age. She is an old soul in a
    youthful package. Thank you, Kelly for another great reading!

  • saz (Monday, June 16 14 07:32 pm BST)

    Had a great reading,and was told alot of things that she shouldn't have known.Very pleased. :)

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